Turning Archive 2007

Board Stretcher

Ron McKinley
>I was watching the History Channel tonight and a program called Banned from the Bible, about books that were rejected from today’s version of the Bible. One of the books, either Thomas or Enoch, told a story about the young Jesus working in his father, Joseph’s, carpentry shop. Joseph had just cut a board too short and was rather perturbed. Young Jesus took the too-short board and laid it on the workbench and stretched it to the correct length!

I knew it! I knew there was a board stretcher out there somewhere! Now, if some of you Biblical scholars will just do some real deep research and bring us this magical Board Stretcher we will all be happy and quit wasting wood.

Alan Lacer’s article on lidded boxes in a current issue of a popular woodworking magazine said: “It’s hard to put wood back on the piece.” Well, no more. Soon we’ll have a board stretcher to take care of those little oversights! Happy Easter All………Ron

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