Turning Archive 2007

no heat

john lucas
>I'm frustrated. This is one of the few 3 day weekends I have. The weather changed of course and it's in the 20's at night. I'm out of Kerosene and can't find any locally. I'm also out of Propane and none of the places are open due to the Easter weekend.

Cold or not I have to mount a movie camera to a bicycle helmet for some project they are doing at work. At least that's some woodworking and metal work.

I was planning on making an adaptor to hook up my Wolverine jig to the 2" belt sander. I want to try sharpening the Thompson tools on a 220 grit belt. I think that may make them cut like the M2 steel. It would also remove less metal. Since the tool holds an edge longer, removing less metal should really make it last. We'll see.

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