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Reeves drive help needed. (long)

Ken Romines
>I have a Delta 12” variable speed lathe (Model 46-525) that I am trying to put back into usable condition and I must plead ignorance so I have some questions for the learned group that resides here.

1. The Reeves drive “seems” to be in pretty reasonable shape for a 40 year old machine. However, I have never even seen a Reeves drive, other than this one, so I am not the best judge. The horizontal shaft has three six (approx) inch disks to form the two variable size pulleys. The two end disks seem to be fixed in place and the center disk moves rather freely between the end disks. Without tearing down the unit I can’t tell if there is a spring assist to hold either of the disks in place. Is this how the Delta unit is supposed to work? Its seems to me that the distance of the drive from the motor (placed below) would control the width of the respective pulleys (the distance is adjustable via the shaft the drive is on). I have not installed the motor yet to check the operation.

2. I have a 1 ½ horse motor to install. The motor is reversible if the leads are changed. What kind of switch (or switches) do I need to control the direction and to serve as an on/off switch? The motor can also be connected to 110 or 220. Which would be better? Is there a difference in torque—especially if I put a large chuck of wood on the lathe?
3. Is there a web site that could give me any instructions on rebuilding the Reeves unit if I need to do so. I have a parts breakdown, courtesy of Ace Tools, but it is not detailed enough to help me.
I really appreciate any information or advice you might have.

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