Turning Archive 2007

Bonehead Award for the Week .........

Pete LaBelle
>Well, it happened to me last night. Had a 10" bowl fly apart and about 1/3 of it wack me just above the eye. Eyeball itself was untouched. Perscription glasses absorbed most of the blow. Had a small tear in the eyelid and a small cut under the eyebrow. Doctor at the med center cleaned it up, advised an anceptic cream, and sent me home. Vison is fine. Pride is hurt.

It's been said here before and it will be said again: Turning is a dangerous hobby. Some might be lucky, but most turners will have to spend a hundred dollars or so now or later on either hospital deductables or safety equipment. I, thinking I didn't want to pay for either, like others have learned on this site, will now be paying for both.

That said; has anyone had any experiences with the new $49 shield from Woodcraft ?


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