Turning Archive 2007

Visit with Steve Mushinski

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Now that I know he's home, I can comment on the visit I had a week ago Sunday with Steve and his lovely wife (who's name I have lost in the interim.) I didn't want to talk about him behind his back. 8^]

Seems these two folks drive down from near Toronto every year to take a week or more of class at Arrowmont. We couldn't connect last year, but this trip I was fortunate to catch them on the Sunday before class started.

They drove down here from Gatlinburg, about an hour and a half, to see the store building and we had a very nice visit. Steve was kind enough to bring me some "scraps" of highly colored box elder, one of which was a chunk about 10"x10" of what appears to be box elder burl.

I managed to load him down with some stuff that they don't see up there in the North country.

We had an enlightening conversation about Frank Sudol. I'd only met him the one time, but Steve knew him pretty well. All in all, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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