Turning Archive 2007

Too much wood: revisited *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I will go out and contend that there is such a thing as too much wood. Here it is. This is my sister in law's 150 year old ash that she had removed this weekend. When I arrived, there was 4 cords of limbs and the trunk as you see it. The tree measures 54" on the cut line and this section is approximately 15' long. All of the larger branches were gone (not in the firewood pile).

I arrived at her house with my truck and chainsaw at 9AM. I ran my little Stihl O17 until it ran through the first tank of gas, and there was still no wood on the ground. In three tanks of gas, I manage to cut the upper "nub" on the top limb (it was in the way) and about 15" of the big limb. Granted, I cut most of it on the third rung of an 8' ladder and I ran out of oil, but I barely made a dent in 2.5 hours. Too much wood.

The cutting crew is supposed to buck the sections into manageable chunks for me and I'm going back (at least a few more times :-). I've got two more pictures coming.


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