Turning Archive 2007

Strange chuck

eliot d
>My first lathe was an old Sears with a 3/4x16 spindle. I found an old British made chuck for it called a Craft Supplies MAXI GRIP 2000. It adjusts with a tommy bar and a crescent type wrench -- but , apparently , with very limited movements. The four black metal jaws arrange themselves into two more or less concentric circles. The outer dovetail jaws work only in the expansion mode with minimum diameter 7 cm (2 3/4 in) and maximum dia. 8 cm(3 1/8 in); whereas the inner ring, also dovetailed, works only in compression mode from 5 cm down to 4 cm. Each of the four jaw segments has two small threaded holes that accept eight bolts that came with the chuck. Has anyone ever seen one? Do you know what the bolts are for? I wonder if this is only part of a chuck. Any ideas?

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