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Follow up: Woodburning pens

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Good afternoon everyone,

On Friday I finally received the three wood burning pens I ordered from PJL Enterprises (makers of the Optima Woodburning system). The pens I ordered were:

  1. p/n: PH11 - Medium Skew, Heavy Duty ($17.00 ea)

  2. p/n: PH19S - 1/16" Ball Tip, Heavy Duty ($17.00 ea)

  3. p/n: PH17 - Coarse Hair Pen, Heavy Duty ($17.00 ea)

I also ordered (1) p/n: OP1CDMHDR - Detailmaster Heavy duty adapter cord (11.00 ea) to allow these pens to work with my Burnmaster Hawk woodburner.

This afternoon I decided to test each one of these pens and see how they felt while in use, and to gauge their performance against the Standard Detailmaster Pen I have.

The first thing I noticed was how comfortable these pens were to hold for extended periods of time. Each pen is made from a combination of phenolic tubes and composite interiors (only the "heating element and associated electricals are metal) I used each pen for 20 to 25 minutes a piece with no discomfort from excessive heat. I attribute this to the foam grip and overall design. In comparison, the standard Detailmaster pen became too hot to hold after approx. 10 minutes of normal use.

The Meduim Skew was perfect for drawing straight or slightly curved thin lines. I especially like how crisp and well defined the lines came out. The Coarse Hair Pen worked great for drawing medium and heavy straight or curved lines. Both worked perfectly even when attempting to burn lines along the grain. A small point (like the one I use to sign my name) tends to want to follow the grain. But these pens are designed to not to do that. Finally the small ball tip was just what I needed to add some texture to a bowl rim or rim of a box.

Overall I'm very impressed with the design and performance and would recommend purchasing pens from PJL Enterprises.

See ya around,

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