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? on drying green bowls *PIC*

Dave Mount, NE Minnesota
>Hello folks--

I'm not a regular here -- I hang out mostly on the hand tools board, but I was steered over here for this question.

The comparatively short version is that as a greenhorn blacksmith I made a hollowing adze (more on that over on the hand tools board), then used it to hack out a bowl out of a piece of birch firewood. It was just an excuse to do something with my new adze -- I don't own a lathe and have never made a bowl before. This is a very hunky, utilitarian thing, but since I bothered to do it, I'd like to get it dry without it cracking up into pieces. So my question is, how does one dry a bowl like this? I've dried a lot of lumber, but never something like this. I didn't have the patience to work it down real thin, so the walls are comparatively thick, circa 1/2", maybe 3/4" in a couple spots. Thus far (i.e. two days) I've had it in a loosely closed paper grocery bag.

Thanks for any help. And I might add that the work you guys turn (yikes) out is truly amazing.



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