Turning Archive 2007

OT 30 megapixel camera *PIC*

John Lucas
>Here is our new 30 meg camera. Well actually it's 3 Nikon D200's that I've rigged to fire simultaniously. We are using Photoshop merge to put the images together. We figure with overlap it's actually more like 24 to 27megs. I designed this to let us make big prints from large group shots. I took it out for initial testing today and it works great. We have 18 to 80 lenses on it. They are mechanically coupled but will actuall sync together with flash at 1/250sec so we will be able to do flash fill outdoors for the sports team. I didn't think it would actually work when I came up with the idea but so far it looks like it's going to do the job. We have a group shot of 500 people coming up so we'll give a try. I'll probably back it up with 4x5 film just to be sure. I'm not that brave.

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