Turning Archive 2007

A couple of small turnings + *PIC*

Leo Van Der Loo
>I didn't get a lot of turning time in the last couple of weeks, first we spend a few weeks at my youngest son's place to play with the grandkids and also celebrate his birthday, and got some turning done at "nap" times ;-))), anyway we did have a good time, went home and picked up a flu-bug, it has given me a hard time and has kept me out of the shop mostly.
Anyway here's a couple of small boxes I made, they all have a sleeve for a shoulder, so as to keep the grain and figure aligned, also have 2 pictures of a dough roller with its own stand, that I made a while back for my DIL and never made a picture from, also my granddaughter had a old kiddy dough roller and of course she liked a stand like mammy's, so Opa (that's me) made one for her as well
Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo

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