Turning Archive 2007

A theoretical question:can you have too much wood?

steve antonucci
>In seeing Ed's haul below, and knowing what my pile looks like and what I have coming (more later), I ask the following question:

Is there any such thing as too much wood?

I have more wood than I have time, and I expect that I could have 10x the amount that I have if I was so inclined. I have access to an endless supply of Ash is I wanted it (I have enough, so I don't). I live 2 miles from a sawmill and the owners throw pieces on the side for me that won't fit/have metal/aren't straight.

My sister in law is having a large mystery tree cut down in a few weeks. The main trunk is 4-5' in diameter and it's huge. I have to go, since I suspect it's a black cherry tree, but how much is too much? If I took the "whole thing", it would take me a month of Sundays just to move it to my place.

So I ask- how many of you have too much wood?


P.S. Not meaning to gloat, but really asking if some of you have stopped collecting unless something spectacular presents itself.

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