Turning Archive 2007

Sharpening Question

Pete (Stafford VA)
>Hi Ladies and Gents – I have a theoretical question about sharpening. I was at the local woodworking show and stopped by to look at the Tormek demo that was going on. When the guy was done I felt all the turning tools and was very, VERY impressed – they were razor sharp; I can NEVER get my tools that sharp by using a slow speed grinder (especially the skew). When I stopped by another vendor’s booth (one that I buy most of my supplies from online), I asked them what they thought of the Tormek vs grinding (since they sell both) and the guys told me that the serrated edge sharpened by the stone will cut smoother and much longer than the super sharp edge created by the Tormek. He said Tormek sharpened tools need to be sharpened MUCH more often than tools sharpened on a grinding wheel.

I’m just a beginner, so I have no reason to doubt him; I’m just not sure I fully understand. I know there are those of you that love your grinders and those that love their Tormek’s, but what do you all think about what I was told? Will the super sharp edge created by a Tormek dull faster than a sharp serrated edge created by a grinding wheel?? And if yes can someone explain?


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