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First Finials *PIC*

Ron McKinley
>I've turned dozens of finials but these are the first that didn't turn into UFOs! The boxes are, I believe, Box Elder. I bought the wood from Steve Dunn in the parking lot at DWR and it was waxed and covered in dirt and debris and I asked him what kind of wood it was. He said, "Trailer wood". I said, "Huh?" He said it's been in my trailer so long I can't remember what it is."

The finial on the left is Honey Mesquite and the one on the right is Walnut from the NW that I got from Dave Smith at DWR. Both boxes are loose lidded so they can be opened with one hand for ladies' rings or whatever.

As you can see Cindy Drozda has nothing to worry about from me for a long time a very long time! GRIN! Critiques are welcome........Ron

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First Finials *PIC*
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