Turning Archive 2007

score #2 *PIC*

Ed Moore
>Last night I got an email from a local professional turner, Dave Yeatts. He said that he had just harvested a 38" diameter ambrosia maple log and that I was welcome to the scraps, first come, first served. Dave only makes large bowls, so I knew that there would be lots of cut-offs for ornaments and small bowls, as well as tool handles. And Dave only buys well-marked ambrosia. Ahah! So, after I got the burls I headed for Dave's place. He had said that he was on his way to Arrowmont to assist ray Key, as he always does one week a year. Nobody would be home, just take what I wanted. And I did! I had my chainsaw along, just in case, and with the saw there wasn't room for another piece when I got done loading. The ambrosia was spectacular!


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