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Vacuum Pump-less Vacuum Chucking Report pt 1

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>There was a thread a week ago, or so, about using one of the new vacuum chucking systems that used your compressor and a venturi system to create the vacuum.

I bought the Hold Fast from Crafts Supply. I have had some time over the last couple of days to play with it, and here are my initial thoughts.

1) Very Light and compact system. It does not come with anything but the generator. So if you do not already have things like air pressure regulators or hose connectors, you are going to have to get some.
2) I attached a cheap regulator ($8 at HD) and a quick air cuppler nipple to it and hooked it into a AC line. I turned on the "Switch"....Very little noise, sounds more like a air hose leak than anything else.
3) I covered the suction inlet, and right away it produced 18 inches of vacuum. By adjusting the incoming pressure, I was able to get 23 inches. Oddly enough, I needed to turn the pressure down. I have the air pressure out of the hose in my shop set to 90 psi, you have to have the pressure down in the 70 psi range to get maximum vacuum. Great so far.
4) Now, I hooked it up to my homemade (Al Crandal design) vacuum adapter. Turn it on, and it pulls 2 inches. This is a problem. You need somewhere around 12 inches for vacuum chucking. Here is the problem. The Hold Fast system creates a great vacuum, but pull very little volume of air. The slightest leaks are a huge problem. I have a very noisy old rotary vane vacuum pump, that has worked for me for years. It pulls a pretty good volume of air (one of the reasons it is noisy - even with a muffler). Small leaks like those in my homemade adapter are no problem.
5) I have ordered the Hold fast Vacuum adapter, and will let you know how it goes when that gets here the middle of this next week.

If I can get it to work, I will keep it. I want a quieter system. But the the old vacuum pump is staying where it is right now.


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