Turning Archive 2007

Another picture of the log in action

Ron in Drums PA

This machine is called a Domar. Itís a large chainsaw powered by a volkswagon bug engine. It is mounted on the ceiling and lowered down to the log, leveled and clamped on the log.

The cut is amazingly good, but the kerf is Ĺ" thick. So 8 cuts blows away a table top to saw dust. Do the math and you will understand.

Although itís hard to see, behind the log in the back ground is the bandsaw. This is one amazing piece of equipment. Half of it is below ground. The blades are 10" wide and 3/64" thick (actually it metric, but this is close). The teeth are 1.5" apart and can cut up to 60" wide.

The log is loaded on to a carriage, dogged down and feeds into the blade. This machine is so accurate that it can take 1/8" slices so perfect that the slice feels like the wood has been sanded to 100 grit. I have a 14" band saw with a 3tpi blade and takes me about 2 minutes to slice a 6" wide by 18" long piece of bubinga. This bandsaw will cut 60" wide by 18 feet board in about the same time.

When this log gets to the bandsaw, Iíll post some pictures.


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