Turning Archive 2007

'nother lathe question

Randy Johnson Connersville, IN
>Bet y'all be glad when I finally get one.

Yesterday I made the long drive to Wood Werks in Columbus, OH with hopes of being able to compare the two Powermatic lathes side by side. They didnít have the 4224 but they did have the 3620. Best of all, purely by accident, the local turning club was in action in part of the building. Watched a lot, asked a few questions, learned a few things. My interest was rewarded with a roughed out cherry bowl that now resides in a paper bag waiting for the arrival of the lathe that will be big enough to finish it.
There was a lot of praise from several of the turning club members and the owner of the store for the 3620. They even joked about not knowing that Powermatic made another model. The storeowner said the drawback to the 4224 was lack of a sliding headstock. He acknowledged that yes, you can turn outboard on the 4224 but you will be doing it backwards.
Stupid question of the day.
So what?
The memory is a little fuzzy after more than 37 years, but I know I turned outboard in high school shop class and I canít recall any special problems. Besides, since the lathe can be run in reverse it seems to me that outboard rotation could be whatever works best.

Off the subject, anyone within a few hours of Columbus who has never been to Wood Werks should check the place out. They have some really neat toys and decent prices. I wish they were a little closer to where I live. One of the highlights for me was seeing a tool like one that I bought in a box with a bunch of other stuff. Iíve wondered for a couple of years how it was used. Now I know.

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