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David Yoho
>Our newest Shop Shot is up!

I was tickled to receive this submission from a fellow woodworker Ellis has known since high school and is currently a dentist in the area. Ray Haggerty first got the idea of making a height adjustable worktable while reading Scott Landis's Workbench Book twenty years ago. A while back, Ray asked his local dental supply repairman to keep an eye out for an electric, hydraulic base from an old dental chair. To his surprise, in the middle of a recent workday at the office, the repairman shows up with just the ticket for Ray's new table.

After performing some maintanence on the hydrolic unit, making some modifications for mounting a wooden top, and building a mobile base, Ray's long awaited worktable became a reality. Have a look and see if this idea is one you could put to work in your own shop!


David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

NEW Shop Shots!

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