Turning Archive 2007

Free wood in GTA

Steve Kubien
>Hi folks,

Public Service Announcement:

Just a heads up to all of the chainsaw owners in the Greater Toronto Area. There are about 20-30 large trees which have been taken down along Reesor Rd., just north of the Metro Zoo. There is, literally, tons of turning stock in there. Some of these trees are 3 foot in diameter, anywhere from 4ft to 10ft long. Lots of crotch sections and a few spalted logs, about 12-20" in diameter.

Looks like the city took 'em down because they were in the way of the power lines. I would horde a bunch of this myself but I haven't got a chainsaw or a place to put much wood. Go get it before they haul it away to be mulched!

Steve Kubien
P.S. I'm not so good at identifying trees until its been cut and planed. Looks like maple and oak but I cannot be sure.

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