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Mesquite, Coccobolo, and Chechen Peppermills

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

Here are (3) 10" peppermills I completed over the past week. They are Mesquite, Coccobolo, and Chechen. Two of these are for a commission, while the third is most likely sold already.

All feature my "signature" coaster (actually it was my wife's idea), and are of a profile I came up with and detailed using 3d Software. I used a story stick/template to allow me to get the profiles as close as possible. But as you can see, each one has subtle difference. But the critical areas are exactly alike.

The coasters are cut from the same blank of wood so that they are grain matched. I sized them so that they are a lot like suction fit box lids. They will come away with the tiniest of a "pop". But not too much that they get carried along when you lift the peppermill off of the counter.

All of them use the same "Mr Dudley" mechanisms from Packard Woodworks, and feature the same finish. One coat of sealer followed by light sanding, followed by several coats of Danish Oil, Beall buffing, followed by a coat of Renaissance Wax.

IMHO the coccobolo was the most surprising wood to work. Since I normally used pen sized blanks, I expected a troublesome wood. In my experience, coccobolo had a tendency to crack. But here it cut beautifully! You can bet I'll turn more of that if I get the chance.

The chechen was somewhat disappointing. The wood starts off as red then becomes this brownish red as you turn. If it wasn't for the commission, I probably would have never selected this wood.

The mesquite was the most fun to turn. When I started turning this wood, I remembered why I liked it so much. It takes an edge well and smells awesome. The voids were a bit of a problem. But they ended up getting filled with ground coffee, charcoal dust, and epoxy.

I also am now hooked on the use of a 3 point tool. After I made my 3/8" version, I found I needed a smaller one. So I made a 1/4", and 1/8" version. The 1/4" is now my "go to tool" for detailing spindles. Rolling beads is now more enjoyable than ever.

Now that I have these done, I have several more to make for a local restaurant owner. But he wants Olive wood! Anyone know where I can get a couple 3" sq x 12" - 14" long olive wood blanks? :>)

Mesquite Peppermill with coaster

Mesquite Peppermill with coaster

Coccobolo Peppermill with coaster

Coccobolo Peppermill with coaster

Chechen Peppermill with coaster

Chechen Peppermill with coaster

Thanks for viewing.

See ya around,

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