Turning Archive 2007

Texas Ebony Vase *PIC*

Chip in Plano
>I think I finally got out of my turning funk with this piece. Persistence was the key. This piece through many challenges and I walked away several times. Started as a limb. Bark inclusions, voids, cracks, checks, etc. Hit in the facemask by a huge piece of the bark. Chuck slipped. The opening still ended up a little eccentric(?). The final shape was the outcome of dealing with all the challenges. If you never seen texas ebony, the sap wood is a pretty creamy yellow with the hearwood being the chocolately brown ebony. I couldn't salvage any sapwood from this limb due to cracks that ran the full length of the raw blank. The contrast is strking. Luckily I have more wood. This piece is only finished in one coat of danish oil dried for a week. I'm still thinking about the final finish. It's about the size of a soda can.

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