Turning Archive 2007

Lurker coming out! DVD question

Rich Pearson
>I have been lurking in awe for quite some time.

I finally turned a bowl (my first) last week and my long range goal is to do some segmented bowls. (Yes, I've been on the Flat Side for years.)

I have a Jet 1236, Talon chuck and assorted lathe tools. I can't go to the local turning club (Seattle area) to learn as I have an every Thursday night Bible study at my house.

I got the Hartville Tool catalog with the Taunton DVD's (Turning Wood, Bowl Turning and Turning Boxes) going for $13 each. Are these any good for a newbie?

I know that many of the Wood Central regulars have their own DVDs out.

Being brand new to this turning thing, What DVD's should I get,

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