Turning Archive 2007

Photo tip for spindle contest

john lucas
>This shot doesn't need to be great, just sharp and clear with no harsh shadows. There are 2 really easy ways to do this. First pick a contrasting background. In this case I used a piece of cardboard. Don't make the piece too small. If you want us to see the details fill the frame. If your camera won't focus close enough back off and crop it in the computer to make it larger.

If your using an auto focus only camera make sure the edges of the piece fall within the focus area.

If you must do it handheld try raising the ISO setting so your shutter speed won't be to low. Most blurry photos are because the camera is handheld at to slow a shutter speed.

Lighting. Shoot at sunset or sunrise out in the open. If you have harsh shadows shoot earlier or later. As the sun sets you'll see the shadows on the piece get softer. Of course this will require longer shutter speeds. If you shoot outside on a cloudy day it may solve both the shadow and the shutter speed problem.

Indoors. shoot next to a white subject with the lights on the other side. I placed the piece on the cardboard next to my refrigerator. The light is overhead and behind me. The white refrigerato bounce some light back into the shadows and makes a nice shot. You will need to set your white balance to match your indoor lighting. In this case in was tungsten lighting.

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