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OT:What to do with 8 doz. golf balls?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Yeah, this is a weird one. :>)

A couple of months ago my well meaning father in law hands me this shopping bag filled with golf balls. I'm not sure where he got them from. I think one of his retired friends gave them to him. And God knows where they got them from!

Only one problem, I don't golf and plan never to take up the sport (famous last words). I already have one expensive hobby. I don't need another one!

I tried giving them away. I used to work with a bunch of golfers. But that was several jobs back. And now no one around me golfs. So this humongous bag of golf balls is now gathering dust under my desk. Every once in a while one escapes and rolls out in the hall to be retrieved by my daughter, or mauled to death by my dog.

Lets get those creative juices flowing people! Give me some ideas how I can get rid of these in a productive and creative way. Make it shop related and you'll make my day.

See ya around,


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