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AAW 2007 Hotel Info

>I have been hearing from several sources about the full hotels near the Convention Center. I will be going into Portland this afternoon, after the Oregon Ducks win their NCAA game, and seeing what I can do to gather additional information on other accommodations.

I cannot do anything about the rates, but I can get telephone numbers and what the rates will be, as well as proximity to the Convention Center. Those that are willing to rent a car, will have access to great accommodations on the other side of the river, west of the Convention Center and only minutes away by car.

The west side of Portland is the heart of the city and will be an enjoyable experience, especially for the spouses and others that want to do something else while their other half is doing the rotations. In fact, there is the Saturday Market along the river front, that is an amazing experience in and of itself.

I will post the info later today and anyone that has a lodging need can use the info as they see fit. Anyone with questions can e-mail me and I will try my best to help. I will also be posting the same info on the WoW site.

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