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CPM V10 vs M2

john lucas
>Well I'm a little more confused. I took both 3/8" spindle gouges and ran them through the carving tool sharpening regimine. I was able to polish the M2 steel to a mirror finish. I was only able to get a satin finish on the V10. Here's where the odd thing comes in. They both cut the same. Well actually the V10 seemed to cut better when pushed across the grain by hand on a pine board.

I decided to test them cutting some really dry box elder. This stuff has bee notorious for tear out unless the tools are really sharp. Both gouges cut extrememly clean cuts.

This tells me that properly sharpened both cut the same. Now I've got to do a little test to see how best to sharpen the V10. Perhaps yesterdays test using the 100 grit grinding wheel was a fluke.

I'll try to test some more as the days go by. This is interesting steel.

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