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Whaddaya do now?

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>I have a natural edge cherry bowl that I inherited from my son. I had turned this one several years ago and it had acquired sufficient dirt that I decided to resand and re-oil, as I was thinking about giving it to one of his friends. Whilst sanding the interior, I discovered first that it had a sufficient crack that I wouldn't want to give it away and secondly that I had left a little ridge around the center nubbin. Compulsively, I proceeded to sand that out.

We were hurrying to get ready to go out, so I just threw a little oil at it, wiped off and left it to dry. Imagine my surprise the next morning to discover a perfect little pale circle in the bottom of the bowl. Obviously, the extra sanding in the bottom went through the light-darkened layers of wood.

Like I say, this particular bowl is not a very good one other than the fact it belonged to Cole for a little while, but how would you go about fixing this problem on a really nice piece? Sand the whole interior to match? Sit it out in the sun with a mask to let the center catch up with the rest? Add a little extra color to the bottom? Don't leave the little ridge in the first place?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Whaddaya do now?
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