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An Excellent Woodturners Weekend! – Gloating

Andy DiPietro
>Saturday I attended an all day Don Derry Demo on hollow form turning that was sponsored by Bucks Woodturners and Dave Hardy’s workshop in PA. Don put on a very good and informative demo. Don taught us the fundamentals of good form and hollowing. He also demonstrated his cool laser hollowing tool. After the Demo I had the pleasure of giving Don an hour ride back to my house and shop. We hung out at my house for about half an hour where he kindly critiqued a couple of my hollow forms. Then I drove Don and my wife to my very first gallery showing at the Perkins Center in Collingswood, NJ. It was opening night and we had a good crowd of people show up. I was one of eleven Woodturners participating. About twenty of my friends and family were there and I sold five hollow forms! The show was setup through my DelVal club in NJ. After the show Don went back with Phil Hauser our club President to get some sleep and setup for Sunday’s demo.

Sunday I attended another all day Don Derry Demo on “Romancing the Curve” at Phil Hauser’s shop. Don spent a lot more time teaching the invaluable fundamentals of good shape and form. He also demonstrated his laser hollow form tool again and I got a chance to give it a turn. After using it for 30 seconds I new I had to take this one home and my days of blind hollowing were over. Since I made good money at the gallery the night before I purchased the entire set. Don is also going to fabricate me a larger and longer bar that will allow his tool to hollow from 9 ˝” deep to around 14” deep.

Tuesday night Don did his third demo at the DelVal club meeting where he showed us how to make Christmas ornaments using a large spindle gouge and his special ornament hollowing tool. As you may expect, I purchased that tool too.

Now I think it will be difficult for me to top that weekend but I planning to have a lot of fun this weekend working with my new hollowing tools.

Andy D.

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An Excellent Woodturners Weekend! – Gloating
Great weekend Andy :)
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