Turning Archive 2007

large hollowing

john lucas
>I'm jeolous of you people who can hollow large pieces quickly. I guess it's just experience. I can hollow up to 6 or 7 " pretty fast but this piece is 10 to 12" and I'm so nervous on the outer proportions I creep along stopping way to many times to measure wall thickness. I could turn 4 bowls in the time it's taken me to turn this one hollow piece. Oh well. I'll post a photo when I'm done if I don't blow it up.

roughed out 3 bowls and turned 2 more to competion yesterday. Still testing the Thompson gouge. I like it. I guess I sharpen more than some because it doesn't seem to hold a really sharp edge as long as some have said. It does hold up longer than my other two. I can't turn a bowl or two without sharpening. Well you could but why work that hard. If I get the time I'm going to make 3 bowls of similar size and use each gouge to completely rough out each one. I don't know if that will tell much either. It's kind of a subjective thing determining when a tool is dull. You suddenly realize your working harder than you should and you stop and sharpen and sure enough it now cuts like butter. Sometimes I can tell when it skips out of the fine cut but again that's kind of subjective as well.I do love the shape and the way it cuts. It's without a doubt a good buy.

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