Turning Archive 2007

Anyone interested in these? *LINK*

John Jordan
>My wife made me clean out the room that was my shop along time ago-before I built and moved into a real building. I came across a lot of interesting things, and found some pieces I thought were long gone. These are nice pieces from 15-20 years ago that I'm very pleased to have, and I'll post some photos next time I'm set up to shoot and get some good images.

I also found a big box of odds and ends that were test pieces, or demos or just never quite finished. I hung several in the trees for the birds to live in, but I thought these were interesting enough that someone might want them for cheap. They are what they are- not quite museum pieces. :-) The photos show them pretty well. These would be from 1989-91. If you are interested, email me, rather than post on the board.

I have posted them on Photobucket, you can see them there.


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