Turning Archive 2007

new bandsaw

Don Evans
>I'm in the market for new bandsaw and cannot decide if the extra cost of the minimax may be worth it.
One problem is not being able to actually see one of them in person.
Boiled down to the 16" (there are 2 of them) one $1900.00 the other $2500.00.
Only thing I can see locally is the Jet 18" and it is a nice machine but price is really great $1200.00 (normally $1350.00.
The Jet is all the machine I'll ever need in capacity but I've learned the hard way that weight of a bandsaw is very important.
I've suffered with a 16" Grizzly for 15 years and I don't want the same problems again, out of balance wheels that don't run true, new ones do same thing etc other than that it cuts good once you get past the shaking.
Anyone out there with these saws that have comments on their performance. I'm sure the $2500.00 mini is a safe bet but is it that much better than the other mini for $600.00 less?

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