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A Poor Man's Lathe Duplicator Rig

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>A Poor Man's Lathe Duplicator Rig

By Ken Grunke
March, 2007

Inspired by Don Derry's adaption of Marco Berara's design, which Don posted in the WoW File Cabinet on Jan. 28, 2007.

After seeing that rig, my version was hastily cobbled together using spare parts from my scrap bins. Easily put together using salvaged/found parts, or purchased off the shelf.

Part A: The backbone of this rig is the toolholding base, which can be any fairly heavy sprocket wheel, gear, pulley, faceplate,or similar item, 4-6" diameter. I am using a cast iron gear with a 7/8" bore--a bore size of 3/4" to 1" will do just fine.
The base holds the toolpost (Part B), crossdrilled (C) to take the tool shaft (D). I added a setscrew collar (E) to the toolshaft to enable repeat accuracy of tool depth if it's necessary to remove tool shaft from toolpost.
The rig slides around on a plywood platform, blocked up on the lathe bed to get the tool's tip in the ballpark of lathe center. Here it's just c-clamped to the lathe bed, but carriage bolts and wingnuts would be an improvement if you have access to the bottom area of the lathe bed.

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