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Streamline Pens, pic

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.

One of my frustrations as a pen maker has been finding a pen in the 7mm slim line category that I think suits my style of pen making. I know many people like the traditional slim line but I have not found it to my liking.

As a seller of my work I have also seen the need for a slim pen that looks just right. I think I have finally found the kit that works for me. A few weeks ago I was in the Burlington Lee Valley and I noticed a pen kit called the Streamline. I had not seen it before and I liked the look.

With a show coming in a week I bought 10 kits and decided I will see how they do.

So here is the result of today’s turning.

These are Flat Top Streamlines
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They are all stabilized box elder burls, spalted, red, black, green and brown

These are the Round Top Streamlines,
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They are a variety of colours of stabilized box elder burls and a spalted oak.

I am really happy with the size and appearance of these pens, I think they will do well

Take care,

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