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Spindle turning techniques *PIC*

keith tompkins
>Here's another page from my finial demo handout. This one shows the technique I've developed to turn finials. It's based on traditional methods. Note that I use the detail gouge right on the center-line of the turning with the flute facing away from the cut... this way, I eliminate the excessive motions associated with spindle turning...everything happens on one plane. This method eliminates raising the tool handle while rolling the tool in the direction of the cut....a difficult task to master. I believe a successful spindle turning has a large contrast in diameters....the contrast of large diameter to small adds a great deal of interest to a turning. In the image, note the size of the bead in comparison to the cove, and the effect it has on the form.By turning this way, the tool rest doen't interfere with creating any shape the turner desires, as it does with a high rest. With the rest set high-up on a turning, the handle must be raised uncomfortably high in order to create smaller diameters within a turning. This technique works well with the skew as well!

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Spindle turning techniques *PIC*
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