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Any tricks to using GF Salad Bowl finish?

Mike F
>I do most of my bowls with Watco Danish oil and wax. That finish never gives me trouble.

I'm trying to use General Finishes Salad Bowl finish on some other bowls and am not having very good luck.

It takes longer than the 6-12 hours to dry that the can mentions, 24-36 hours is a better guess. The finish doesn't seem to build up very thick in some places and runs in others. I have bare spots and some drip marks. If I try to buff the piece with 0000 steel wool at the 24 hour mark, sometimes my steel wool gets stuck to the bowl in the partially cured finish (like an insect in amber).

I've tried doing the inside first (over a couple of week period) and then moving to the outside, but this takes forever, is tedious, and the finish still isn't all that nice.

When I attempt to do the bowl all at once, the outside bottom of the bowl gets all nasty, the finish on the bottom never seems to cure, and it creates a general mess.

I place wax paper under my bowls when I am finishing them with this stuff to keep them from sticking to my table. I allow the bowls to dry on this same surface. Is this a good or bad idea?

Do people finish the entire bowl at once, or do you do the inside one week and the outside another?

What temp should I attempt to keep the bowl during the curing process to make this work?

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