Turning Archive 2007

Andi heading West (major gloat)

>Just a couple of days ago, large chunks of ice falling from the CN Tower, forcing closure of streets in the Toronto financial core. This morning in southwestern Connecticut, it was 10 degrees. Don't know where she is now, but in just about two weeks, Andi will be warm in Hawaii, wisely stopping off for a few days before going on to Australia. Hawaii is a 5-hour time differential from Ohio and should moderate the adjustment required otherwise from a direct flight to Australia. Our Honolulu Woodturners club will be the beneficiary of this layover, and the Big Island Woodturners will benefit from a similar arrangement on her way back from down under. Smart move, Andi. Everyone benefits ;-).
Just think: From Birding in the Cold (see blog)to Birding in the warmth of sunny Kailua, and only six weeks apart! So is this a gloat for her or a gloat for our club?

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