Turning Archive 2007

Modifications to Jet 1236 *PIC*

Ed Larson
>Recent posts about the Jet 1236 prompted me to describe modifications I'v made to my previous owned Jet 1236. First I purchased a hand wheel from Jet and drilled a 3/8 inch hole in it to accept a knockout bar made from 1/4 inch rod. A second benifit from this modification is that when the knockout bar is inserted down through a hole in the shaft of the handwheel (this hole comes with the handwheel) and blocked against the headstock lock stop you have a spindle lock (see second picture). I also made a portable switch from a electrical box which attaches to the lathe bed with magnets (third picture). From the overall picture you can see the stand, drawers and tool holder that I made for 2 X 6 lumber and plywood. I had to raise the lathe above the original stand height to fit my 6-5 body. Questions and comments welcome.

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