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Woodturning School Discovery-semi gloat

Greg Haugen
>I have had a heck of time trying to get into a school for a class this year. One afternoon I was talking with Don Derry and I asked him if he ever teaches at any schools since I can't make it to Portland to see his demos. He mentioned that in April he's teaching three classes, 2 weekend and 1 week long, at a school in Texas. I've never heard of a school in Texas. It's called Canyon Studios. www.canyonstudios.org This spring's upcoming instructors are Don and Jimmy Clewes. I'm very excited and looking forward to spending a week with Don in Texas "Romancing the Curve."

The studio is very new, as you'll see on the site, and is very well equipped with 16" jet lathes. They also cap their classes at 5 instead of 18-20 like most schools. This way there will be alot of one on one time.

Just wanted to share the news and let you know about another "school" option.

Just a happy soon-to-be student, not affiliated in anyway.

Greg Haugen

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