Turning Archive 2007

Epoxy color/fill tip (Longish)

Mike in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA
>I have been looking for that holy grail of epoxy filler that will add color without compromising the strength or cure time of the epoxy. I think I'm close. I have found that the embossing powder scrapbookers and rubber stampers use will mix extremely well and the epoxy is just as strong as if nothing was added, cures in normal rated time, and only thickens the epoxy a little bit. It doesn't take much to get the vivid colors I was looking for. Plus, it's a bit cheaper than the dyes and whatnot. I found some on clearance for $1.79. It comes in a very broad range of colors, both sparkled and not and is readily available at just about every local craft store out there. It really seems to be perfect. As a bonus, it's nowhere near as hard on tools as the stone materials also used for inlay.

Also, just a side note, Hobby Lobby carries in their model (not glue) section, one ounce containers of CA glue for $4.99, in thin, medium, and thick. It seems to work just as well as Hot Stuff, especially if you are waiting on an order for more of your glue of choice and really need some to tide you over, it's just a drive away for some people.

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