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clear as mud

Bill Stehman
>Thanks for all the comments and emails, so here is a quick how to for the overly curious that can't wait... chuckle.
To make a simple 2nd generation zig zag blank. Select various shades of wood, I like 6 or more.
The more subtle color changes the better the illusion. Stark colors will look like a checker board.
Plan ahead and cut more than enough strips for the size bowl you want. I have tried 3/4, 1/2 1/4
5/16 but like 3/8 best. Glue this first lamination together choosing your color scheme. Now cut this blank into the same size strips at your choice of miter. I have tried 22.5, 30 but 45 works best to my eyes. Lay out and line up on a glue surface. Flip every other one. This gives you the basic zig zag pattern all segmenters learn first. I then glue up two half's separately , an 8" bowl would be two 4" pieces. When these are ready I dry clamp together and draw my circle rings. The more rings the better the pattern. Doug Newlove wrote a nice article covering cutting ring bowls in last month's Woodturning Design.
I use a simple circle cutting jig for the BS to cut narrow half rings, then glue these together. Flatten and align the patterns one at time. Presto.... you have a mostly completed bowl to turn.
The curving pattern is achieved by the slope of the bowl. It's that simple.
I always make multiple bowls changing each a little. Have fun and I will do a step by step on my next series with some pics for those who have no experience or couldn't follow this.

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