Turning Archive 2007

Website revision, and neat gallery app *LINK*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>I finally decided to completely redo my turning website, with the new webmastering skills I've been learning. I'm going for the "old book" look, with a minimum of graphics except for photos of my turnings.

Also, I came across a really neat gallery application that just about anyone can put on their website. It's a javascript app so you don't need any special server-side software like PHP or Perl for CGI scripts. You can put it up on any server, for example, the free space you might have from your ISP. A link to the script is in the gallery pages of my site, which is linked below. It's called "Lightbox", is quite easy to install, and only takes up 162 kilobytes of server space.
Any comments, suggestions, criticisms are hoped for.

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