Turning Archive 2007

Cracking Roughouts... Bad!

Allen Neighbors
>Not long ago, I posted a question about roughing out bowls. I had many good suggestions, which I printed out for my shop notebook.
I went at it full bore.
I turned several roughouts... from 10" to 18" dia... from Sweet Gum, Apricot, Honey Locust, English Walnut. I kept notes of everything I was doing.
Several roughs of SweetGum and Apricot were roughed to 10% thickness, with the lower bowl, and bottom slightly thinner. I coated some with slathered on (2 coats) Johnson's Paste Wax, and some with a heavy coat of Anchor Seal, inside and out.
I decided to check them out today, and all but two of them have cracked. not just one or two little cracks, but several cracks that have opened up as wide as 1/16" and as much as 3" to 4" long.
The bowls were all stored on open wire shelves in my shop, which is unheated. The temperature has never been above 60degrees F in there, but has been below freezing much of the time (until this last week). I also did several roughs that I put in the soap solution, which is my normal procedure. Those are still alright.
This is the pits!
From now on, if I don't put 'em in the soup, I'll bag every one of them after the anchor seal sets.

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