Turning Archive 2007

Burned wood and glass bowl, PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

This is the second "glass in wood" piece I've done. I like the contrast of the two materials. The hardest part seems to be to get the inside profile of the wood to match that of the glass bowl!

This one is cherry with a maple collar. The piece is about 8 1/4 inch across and around 3 inches high. Burned also. Finish is tried and true and Beall buffed in the non-burned areas. I think the top is a little busy, but my friend really loves it, so there you go! :) I had actually planned to burn the entire maple piece, but she said she thought it would be too dark then. The pictures make the blue bowl look even more vibrant than it is. The rim still smells like burning cherry! Very nice :)

Thanks for taking a look. Comments and critiques are always welcome. This was as close to a "comission" piece as I come. I did a similar wood/glass one and gave it to a friend for Christmas. Someone saw it and really wanted one like it for a friend's birthday, so I made this one.

Thanks for looking,


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