Turning Archive 2007

Another tip

Carole Valentine
>Since we have so many new turners recently, I thought I would share a little tip for using your "chuck orts" (leftovers) as glue blocks. I never throw these away because they really do come in handy for all sorts of things - jam/cone chucks, collars, etc. Simply mount the ort in your chuck and face it off flat but leave a small, short tenon in the center (bigger or larger depending on the piece - it's mainly to center it). Be sure the rest of the face is flat. Then mark the centers on both ends of the piece to be attached to the glue block. Drill a shallow hole in one end to fit the tenon you left on the block and make it a tad deeper than the tenon. Doesn't need to be a tight fit because you want a little glue in there as well as on the face. Apply the glue of choice and bring up the tailstock. Bingo - you have a perfectly centered piece on the glue block and have made good use of an ort that probably would have gone in the trash or stove. As with any glue joint, be sure both surfaces are flat and smooth.

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