Turning Archive 2007

Outstanding Service From Bernie!

George Van
>I had to mention my vacuum pump purchase experience with Bernie McGivern, it would be unfair not to “tip my hat” to him for outstanding service after the sale,,,,,way after the sale! After I was unable to get my free vacuum from the dentist working I bought a Robinair vacuum pump from Bernie in July 2005, due to the ongoing home building project I never got a chance to use it until February 2006, at that time I got vapors and noise I wasn’t comfortable with. I called Bernie and he was happy to trouble shoot the problem with good suggestions for solving the situation. After limited available time due to the building project and two heart attacks I finally got to try the pump again this fall. I still had the problems and Bernie told me to ship it to him . I shipped it the end of November, December 8th, 16 months after the sale, a replacement arrived! I finally got to run this one yesterday and it went great, it was on a thin porous bowl, the pump was surprisingly quiet and the vacuum and volume were more than adequate. If you ever consider a pump from Bernie you can be sure you will be satisfied. Thanks again Bernie!

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