Turning Archive 2007

All I can say is "Wow!"

steve antonucci
>My wife yelled down that I just got a package from Lee Valley, so I just about broke my leg running up the stairs.

It was my new low angle block plane!

It's very easy to see why the handtool guys get so excited about these things. I went to the Somerset Woodworking show last Saturday, where the guy told me it would be about 10-14 days until I received my order. Delivered in 6.

I had to put it to wood, and without any fuss, I managed to take the thinnest of shavings that I've ever seen. Come Five Barns this year, I may just have a chance at that planing contest! The shavings are so thin that they're clinging to everything due to the static charge... and I haven't even gone over the plane yet.

I can see another order in the future...


P.S. I didn't even get the cabinet scraper plane out of the box...hurry up weekend!

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