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Sawing and drying beech

Paul in NJ
>I know this is the Turning board but I thought some of you might have experience with beech. I might have the opportunity to have some beech custom sawn for wooden plane stock. Anyone have suggestions on how to cut for optimum yield? I am thinking of 5/4 and 8/4 quarter sawn with some 16/4 either quarter or completetly flat sawn (re-saw later to quarter). I need true quarter sawn stock to properly build planes. I understand beech may twist and cup a lot when drying. Is there an optimum length for drying efficiently and minimizing loss to end checks? Most of my planes will be 12" or less in length with a few up to 30" or so. I plan to coat the ends, sticker, and cover the pile for air drying.

Paul Dzioba

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Sawing and drying beech
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