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Things they don't tell you about finishing.

>This is kind of a run down of do's and don'ts. Others may add to what I forgot. Finishing at cold Temp's: Heat your shop to at least 65*-80*. Bring your finish inside to keep warm. You can even bring in your projects before you hit the shop. Keep your projects in a paper bag to avoid stinking up your house.

Be careful what you wear: belt bundles, watches and magnetic metal bands will scratch. A couple of my shop coats have zippers in front and when I sand each time I can and have scratched the surface.Ouch! Place your projects on a safe surface so that they won't get knock off, been there and done that.

Sand as smooth as possbile before you finish. Look for end grain before you take your project off the lathe. You need flashlight, spot light or whatever it takes for this. Too many times I failed to do this. Ouch again! Be careful about starting with a course sandpaper they will cause unexpected scratches. Ouch! DO work up your grades and sandpaper, and watch the edges of your paper and discs. Ouch! If you can reach the inside with your fingers, sand it; because your customers and friends certainly will.

Try and do your best each time. That means like no dimples on inside and outside. Oh yes, fresh finishes will leach through at the bottom when set on furniture. Maybe safe after 30 days. Done that before. Ouch! If your project smells real strong from finishing consider more drying time be placed in a home or on display.

With this writing I have tried to avoid brands or your personal finishes. GT

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