Turning Archive 2007

Production Coffee Scoops *PIC*

Ruth Niles

Since my coffee scoops have been mentioned in a previous post, I thought I'd post these pictures of 2 dozen going out today to an artisan gallery in NY state.

I put leather straps through the handle with a tag tied on telling the wood type and this description: "This scoop is a relica of seed scoops used 100 yrs. ago when seeds were sold by weight. Various size scoops were used to one scoop of various size seeds equaled the same weight. This scoop measures 2 tbls., use 1 scoop of coffee for every 2 cups of water." I used very tiny print to be able to have a small tag.

I have to submit a picture of this shipment to the gallery for their spring Open House brochure, which do you think is most appealing?

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